Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur’s unprecedented rise to the top of the celebrity tree in Bollywoods tinsel town has been one of the biggest successes that any solo British Asian entertainer has seen this decade. From Birmingham to Bombay, she actively launched a colossal scale hip hop attack on Asian and introduced to the continent a new concept. The reward?…Indian media hailed her as the saviour of the music scene with her sound being the biggest new musical concept since Bappi Lahiri’s introduction to Disco.

Today, Hard Kaur has become one of India’s leading musicians and celebrity with fans across the nation. The face of Hip Hop in India, Hard Kaur has introduced the musical genre and taken it to greater heights by giving it a pop sensibility. The genre has quickly been absorbed by India and given its own unique twist and been used in the biggest Bollywood blockbusters. Culturally also, hip hop is something that is now known about by Rickshawallas through to housewives, young children through to business executives. Her ‘real’ voice and no holds barred opinions have garnered her public support and access to the masses in India.

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