A Band of Boys

ABOB comprising of four extremely talented boys, Karan Oberoi, Sherrin Varghese, Chin2 Bhosle and Siddhaarth Haldipur are India ‘s First and only Boy Band!

The music for their 1 st album ‘Yeh Bhi Woh Bhi’ has been released in August 2002 and obtained a phenomenal response (with the song ‘Meri Neend’ spearheading the sales!) subsequently leading to sales crossing 1,00,000 units in less then a fortnight of its launch! The album sales did so well that two more videos were shot and the album re-released as ‘Gori’ with the song Gori spearheading the sales this time!

While ABOB are essentially singers, they have been trained in all aspects of stagecraft culminating in their stage shows being something to watch out for – the boys sing, dance & act, and their shows are modeled on Broadway performances abroad. While Hindi music (Indipop and film music) is their forte, they also sing English numbers.

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